The knowledge and traditions of the company RELIŅŠ have been inherited in 3 generations. The owner of the company, Dainis Zavadskis, has had a fresh, aromatic, and lively woody scent at home since childhood. It fascinated him every time he went to watch his father and grandfather working with wood and making all sorts of household things with great love and enthusiasm. The call of his heart and interest in creating wooden wares were the main motivating factors to go into the mastering of carpentry.
Fulfilling his and his ancestors’ dreams, on June 6, 1996, Dainis founded the company RELIŅŠ. The company started as a small carpenter’s shop manufacturing staircases, doors, and furniture with unique solutions of design and construction. In the beginning, the company was mainly engaged in the manufacture of staircases, so one of the elements of staircase design and safety – railing was symbolically chosen as the name of the company.
RELIŅŠ specializes in the manufacturing of individually designed staircases, doors, furniture, and other carpentry wares, the provision of carpentry services, as well as preparation and trade of sawn timber.
In the production of orders, RELIŅŠ uses various tree species. The most popular material for customers is oak – one of the most valuable precious trees in Latvia, but mahogany, walnut, teak, zebrawood, olive, and other exotic trees are also becoming more and more popular.
To implement the individual and unique ideas of the customers, the company attracts professional designers. The perfect quality of production is maintained by employing the top professionals in the industry, as well as ensuring the full technological cycle of manufacturing. In the manufacturing process, not only wood is used, but also tapestry, natural leather, glass, metal, gold and silver coatings, paintings, and, if required, even gemstones.
The investments made by the company in re-equipment of the manufacturing workshop and implementation of the advanced technologies significantly facilitate the performance of the most physically demanding work and promote the quality and rate of manufacturing processes. An advanced working environment and purposeful improvement of the qualification and professional skills allow achieving excellent work results.
At present, RELIŅŠ has grown into a leading company in the manufacturing of exclusive staircases, doors, and furniture in Latvia. Thanks to the high quality and innovative technological solutions, the company’s products are in demand not only in Latvia but also in the EU and CIS member states.

We are proud that each product made by RELIŅŠ is unique.


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